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  • 56
    National Championships
  • 307
    Individual National Champions
  • 150
    Olympic Medals
  • 1865-66
    First Varsity Team: Baseball
  • No. 1
    All-Time Big Ten Championships
  • 1973-74
    First Women's Varsity Teams
  • 1898
    "The Victors" was written

It’s where we play. It’s where we live. It’s where we learn. It’s where we win. It’s the coach who pushes us. It’s the friends who lift us up.
It’s our home away from home. It’s where champions are bred. It’s our team. It’s our house. It’s our future.

Explore campus, learn about our athletic and academic programs, and see the Michigan Wolverines in action.
Get ready to become a part of something bigger. Get ready to Go Blue.

This is Michigan

Michigan Traditions

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“Here at Michigan, Olympians coach me. Nobel Prize winners lecture me. I eat lunch with All-Americans. In the athletic training room, I sit next to Big Ten champions. I meet with prize-winning authors during their office hours. I take class notes next to American record-holders. I walk to class with members of national championship teams. I open doors once opened by Oscar-winning actors, former Presidents and astronauts ... it's all in the day of a Michigan student-athlete.” Shelley Johnson, Michigan Field Hockey Alumna

We Are Michigan

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Show back of card. Eric Tannenbaum, wrestling, Class of 2008

Eric Tannenbaum

Orthopaedic Resident, University of Michigan Health System - Wrestling

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Prior to joining the U-M wrestling team, I had never experienced being a part of such a special, close-knit group of guys and I haven't had this experience again since. The memories we built working out together, studying together, traveling together, winning together and losing together created a unique camaraderie unlike anything else. I am forever grateful to have been a part of it.
Show back of card. Sachi Sugiyama

Sachi Sugiyama

Women's Gymnastics

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Every day provides a different learning experience and these coaches are awesome in helping push us forward. In college, you're never at your peak of learning. For every day I go into the gym, I'm excited because there's always something new to learn. It never gets boring. Even during hard times, the coaches are always there for support no matter what's happening. They're always looking out for you. The team environment that they've created is so strong that it's impossible to be uncomfortable.
Show back of card. Scott Bregman, men’s gymnastics, class of 2009

Scott Bregman

Director of Content & Communications, USA Gymnastics - Men's Gymnastics

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Being a student-athlete at the University of Michigan prepared me to enter the real world because it taught me so many skills employers want: time management, risk-taking, teamwork, dedication and a whole host of other values. My time as a Michigan student-athlete was incredible on and off the field of play. From studying at the Academic Center to working with my advisors and tutors, I felt like I had a world-class experience at every turn, designed to make me the best student and athlete possible.
Show back of card. Tiffany Ofili, women’s track and field, class of 2009

Tiffany (Ofili) Porter

British Olympian, Pharmacist, runs professionally for adidas - Women's Track & Field

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My time at the University of Michigan is what I describe, even to this very day, as one of the best times of life. Being able to combine competing at the highest level in collegiate sports while gaining a top-tier education is a privilege entrusted to all Michigan student-athletes, and for this I am grateful.

The lessons I learned both on the track and in the classroom have equipped me with the skill sets I need to approach my work as a pharmacist and professional track athlete with confidence. The University of Michigan prides itself on preparing the "Leaders and Best" and this is evident by the amount of support and resources available for all students and student-athletes alike. I am so grateful for all the University of Michigan has given me, I will forever bleed Maize and Blue!