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  • 56
    National Championships
  • 307
    Individual National Champions
  • 150
    Olympic Medals
  • 1865-66
    First Varsity Team: Baseball
  • No. 1
    All-Time Big Ten Championships
  • 1973-74
    First Women's Varsity Teams
  • 1898
    "The Victors" was written

It’s where we play. It’s where we live. It’s where we learn. It’s where we win. It’s the coach who pushes us. It’s the friends who lift us up.
It’s our home away from home. It’s where champions are bred. It’s our team. It’s our house. It’s our future.

Explore campus, learn about our athletic and academic programs, and see the Michigan Wolverines in action.
Get ready to become a part of something bigger. Get ready to Go Blue.

This is Michigan

Michigan Traditions

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“Here at Michigan, Olympians coach me. Nobel Prize winners lecture me. I eat lunch with All-Americans. In the athletic training room, I sit next to Big Ten champions. I meet with prize-winning authors during their office hours. I take class notes next to American record-holders. I walk to class with members of national championship teams. I open doors once opened by Oscar-winning actors, former Presidents and astronauts ... it's all in the day of a Michigan student-athlete.” Shelley Johnson, Michigan Field Hockey Alumna

We Are Michigan

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Show back of card. Lauren Hauge, field hockey, class of 2014

Lauren Hauge

Field Hockey

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To say I'm a part of the Michigan field hockey family means so much more than just the 23 girls I suit up with every day. It's the team around the team, who are all best in their fields and make sure that we play, train and learn to the best of our abilities day in and day out, and it's the alumnae family who surround us with love and camaraderie and keep us inspired to represent the block M in everything we do.
Show back of card. Geena (Gall) Lara, women’s track and field, class of 2009

Geena (Gall) Lara

Runs for Nike, American Olympian - Women's Track & Field

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Attending the University of Michigan was the best decision I ever made. I never knew how big of an impact being a student-athlete at Michigan would have on my life. It helped me mature, be more efficient with my time, and be able to balance my life. A Michigan Wolverine prides itself on being the best academically and in our sport and that meant getting the job done in the classroom first and foremost, and then making it happen on the track.

My four years in Ann Arbor were the best four years of my life. I gained lifelong friends, memories, experiences and a degree from a prestigious university. And above all, I got to wear the Block M on my chest. I would not be where I am at now if I didn't attend U-M and compete for my coach, Mike McGuire. Even now, I continue to represent the tradition of excellence that Michigan prides itself in. I will always be a Michigan Wolverine.
Show back of card. Syque Caesar, class of 2013/2015

Syque Caesar

Michigan Men’s Gymnastics Program Assistant - Men's Gymnastics

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My U-M experience uniquely prepared me for my current professional role in many ways. Being on the gymnastics team exposed me to many different aspects of the sport ranging from the collegiate level to the Olympic level. Additionally, my undergraduate work in communication studies gave me the foundation of skills needed to succeed at the graduate level. Today I am not only working alongside the men's gymnastics coaching staff, but I am also pursuing my master's degree in sport management while simultaneously competing on the international stage in the sport of gymnastics. The athletic and academic support I received as a student-athlete allowed me to learn how to thrive in both my athletic and professional career at the same time.
Show back of card. Meg Bellino, women’s cross country, Class of 2013

Meg Bellino

Associate Producer at Flocasts - Women's Cross Country

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My experience at Michigan changed my life. Academically and athletically, the coaches and support staff at Michigan make it their mission to spread success to all student-athletes. Each time I raced while wearing the Block M, I was reminded of the bigger picture. Michigan helped me grow into who I am today. Being a part of the cross country and track teams taught me how to be a better athlete, teammate and friend. I watched my teammates win Big Ten Championships and put in the hard work to claim one of my own. I learned the ins and outs of my sport, which led to me securing a full-time position as an associate producer with Flotrack. I recently covered a race in which the Michigan women's team competed; I felt overwhelming pride and joy watching them compete in the Maize and Blue and was reminded of the best four years of my life, spent in Ann Arbor.