We are the Leaders and Best

We are the Leaders and Best – and not just when it comes to athletics. Did you know that we were named the #1 Public Research University in the U.S. by the National Science Foundation? Or that student-athletes walk the same halls as the co-founder of Google, the former CEO of Twitter, and even a U.S. President? We developed the EKG. Laser eye surgery. The polio vaccine. We even helped pioneer the internet.

The University of Michigan provides an environment in which student-athletes represent a NCAA Division I athletic department with a strong championship tradition, while getting an education from a top university that will take them just about anywhere they choose to go in life — now that’s rare. Whatever student-athletes want, we’ve got it. They can choose the major they’ve always dreamed about by spending time exploring new classes and finding their passion. With 19 schools and colleges and 250 undergraduate majors, we dare them not to be inspired.

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Success Program

Having an outstanding support system can make all the difference when it comes to making a smooth transition to college life. Meet the people who answer questions, provide guidance, and help student-athletes meet academic challenges head-on.
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At the University of Michigan, we work hard to provide rich experiences and educational development for student-athletes. Academic success and graduation are priorities to us - and having strong educational support enhances their ability to succeed. To help them achieve their goals and adjust to college life, we offer advising assistance, study table programs, tutorial programs, a writing center, a math lab and an engineering computer lab, all conveniently located inside the Ross Academic Center.

Schools and Colleges
Foreign Language Studies
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We Are Michigan

More Stories
Show back of card. Zak Irvin, Class of 2017, men’s basketball

Zak Irvin

Men’s Basketball

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The Michigan basketball program is a second family to me. It is definitely a brotherhood, and whenever I am with my brothers, I know I can tell them everything, and I can open up with them. This program is one of the best in the country. Coach Beilein is one of the best coaches in the country - not just for basketball, for outside of basketball as well. Go on down the line with coach Meyer, coach Jordan and coach Alexander, I have definitely improved not only on the court, but off the court as well. I am just becoming a better man and that is thanks to them.
Show back of card. Lauren Sweet, softball, class of 2015

Lauren Sweet


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All of the unique experiences that I’ve had over these last few years have helped to shape the person that I am today. Getting to attend this university, travel the country with my softball team and just getting the experience to be a student-athlete has taught me several things. It has taught me how to manage my time, how to be a leader on a team, how to work with a team and how to make the most of every opportunity I get.
Show back of card. Keenan Koss, women’s swimming and diving, class of 2010

Keenan Koss

NBC Sports, NHL Production Associate and Talent Booker - Women's Swimming & Diving

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Being able to say that I was both a student and athlete at the University of Michigan is a great honor. As an alumna, it gives me great pride to look back and know that I was able to succeed while balancing a tough workload and training schedule. My four years of training with the hardest-working and most elite athletes and coaches has allowed me to transfer that work ethic to my career today. I would not be in the position that I am in today if it were not for the lessons I learned and the people at Michigan that set me up for greatness.
Show back of card. Cassandra Gelov, cheerleading, class of 2015

Cassandra Gelov


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Michigan cheerleading has been the highlight of my collegiate experience. When I look back at everything I have done and accomplished over the last four years, I am most proud and nostalgic about being a part of Michigan Athletics. I have created a family away from home, one that works hard together, struggles together and celebrates great wins together. I have learned more about myself as a teammate, leader and friend than I will in any other organization. Cheerleading has provided me with incredible experiences, from cheering in the Big House to traveling around the country with our football and basketball teams. It has been an unforgettable journey and I am grateful to have been a part of something bigger than myself, the Michigan traditions and the Michigan family. Go Blue!