We are the Leaders and Best

We are the Leaders and Best – and not just when it comes to athletics. Did you know that we were named the #1 Public Research University in the U.S. by the National Science Foundation? Or that student-athletes walk the same halls as the co-founder of Google, the former CEO of Twitter, and even a U.S. President? We developed the EKG. Laser eye surgery. The polio vaccine. We even helped pioneer the internet.

The University of Michigan provides an environment in which student-athletes represent a NCAA Division I athletic department with a strong championship tradition, while getting an education from a top university that will take them just about anywhere they choose to go in life — now that’s rare. Whatever student-athletes want, we’ve got it. They can choose the major they’ve always dreamed about by spending time exploring new classes and finding their passion. With 19 schools and colleges and 250 undergraduate majors, we dare them not to be inspired.

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Success Program

Having an outstanding support system can make all the difference when it comes to making a smooth transition to college life. Meet the people who answer questions, provide guidance, and help student-athletes meet academic challenges head-on.
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At the University of Michigan, we work hard to provide rich experiences and educational development for student-athletes. Academic success and graduation are priorities to us - and having strong educational support enhances their ability to succeed. To help them achieve their goals and adjust to college life, we offer advising assistance, study table programs, tutorial programs, a writing center, a math lab and an engineering computer lab, all conveniently located inside the Ross Academic Center.

Schools and Colleges
Foreign Language Studies
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We Are Michigan

More Stories
Show back of card. Scott Bregman, men’s gymnastics, class of 2009

Scott Bregman

Director of Content & Communications, USA Gymnastics - Men's Gymnastics

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Being a student-athlete at the University of Michigan prepared me to enter the real world because it taught me so many skills employers want: time management, risk-taking, teamwork, dedication and a whole host of other values. My time as a Michigan student-athlete was incredible on and off the field of play. From studying at the Academic Center to working with my advisors and tutors, I felt like I had a world-class experience at every turn, designed to make me the best student and athlete possible.
Show back of card. Haley Kopmeyer, women’s soccer, class of 2012

Haley Kopmeyer

Goalkeeper, Seattle Reign (NWSL) - Women's Soccer

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Deciding to play soccer at the University of Michigan was one of the greatest decisions I've ever made. From the top down, the school is committed to providing the best coaching, facilities, environment and support in the nation. I received a top-notch education and overall collegiate experience while receiving the training and development I needed to help me succeed with the Seattle Reign in the NWSL.
Show back of card. Nate Brannen, men’s cross country, Class of 2004

Nate Brannen

Running professionally for Saucony since 2005, two-time Olympian, currently training for 2016 Rio Games - Men's Cross Country

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The experience I gained at Michigan because of the combination of world-class academic and athletic standards prepared me for the real world and shaped me into the person I am today. Upon graduation, I was lucky enough to sign a professional contract to continue running full-time. Without the coaching staff, environment and teammates I had at Michigan, I never would have competed at two Olympic Games and become the runner and person I am today. I am forever grateful for my experience at Michigan! One of the best decisions I've ever made was to attend Michigan. I will forever Fight Like Hell for the University of Michigan with the Block M on my chest no matter if that means competing for my country at the Olympic Games or cheering on the current group of student-athletes on and off the field. Being a student-athlete at Michigan is like joining a family and the connections I've made and the people I've met along the way have made me a better person, husband, father and runner as a result.
Show back of card. Mikie Schlosser, men’s lacrosse, class of 2015

Mikie Schlosser

Men's Lacrosse

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Here at Michigan we receive support that is second-to-none in every aspect. Academically, we have an academic center that is for student-athletes and gives you the option to have tutors whenever you may need them. Every student-athlete at Michigan has an academic family that will ensure that you never fall behind and will give you a little push here and there when needed. Athletically, Michigan student-athletes have world class facilities and a support staff that will keep you healthy and get you into your best possible shape in order to dominate your sport.