• 35
    Big Ten titles
  • 7
    College World Series Appearances
  • 2
    National Championships

Michigan Baseball

As the first varsity team at the University of Michigan, the sport of baseball has helped make the Wolverines one of the most recognizable and formidable powers in college athletics. With over 150 years of history and 35 Big Ten titles in the record books, our players play a part in one of the winningest programs in college baseball. They play and practice in the footsteps of hall-of-famers and MLB legends. They are coached by a staff with the experience and depth of knowledge to help them go above and beyond what they thought possible. A specialized training staff guides their journey to success on the field, while dedicated faculty and advisors help them face new challenges in the classroom. As a Wolverine, they experience the unique blend of athletic tradition and academic excellence that makes this place unique. See for yourself – check out the people and opportunities that form the pillars of the U-M baseball program, and imagine taking the field as a Wolverine.




Team Vision

We believe that champions behave like champions before they become champions. We will always focus on the process of controlling the controllables, which are attitude and effort, and the process of getting better every day. Our core values are consistent with this standard. We are selfless, and put the needs of the team and other people ahead of our own. We show toughness because we will never quit and thrive on adversity. We are physically hard and mentally strong. If knocked down, we get back up every time. We are never out of the fight. We are aggressive and fearlessly attack our goals. We are confident and believe in ourselves to be elite. We focus on kaizen, the process of continuous improvement. We bring energy with positive enthusiasm and 100% effort. We have discipline by doing what we're supposed to do, when we're supposed to do it, how it's supposed to be done. If we uphold these stacked core values to be the best students, the best athletes, and the best men that we can be, then the results will take care of themselves. Becoming a champion in life will be a byproduct of this effort to be our best every single day. Our program knows what it stands for … and we are ready. This is Michigan baseball.