Field Hockey Center and Phyllis Ocker Field

There’s nothing quite like stepping onto a pristine playing field and feeling the drive for victory and the energy of teamwork. As Wolverines, we are inspired each time we enter Phyllis Ocker Field. We run drills and celebrate victories on the venue’s striking blue turf. Before the game, we are introduced under the lights of the video scoreboard as 1,500 excited fans cheer us on from the grandstand. After a grueling practice or a hard-earned victory, we enjoy the rewards that a state-of-the-art locker room and hydrotherapy tubs provide. With space for training, team meetings, and even a museum dedicated to the rich history of Michigan field hockey, the Field Hockey Center and Phyllis Ocker Field are dynamic competition environments fit for the Leaders and Best.

Important Spots on Campus

Get the lay of the land. Explore the Ross Athletic Campus, where we train in a community of other student-athletes. Zoom in on our competition venue, where we play with our team in front of the best fans in college sports. When you click on a location, you can read more about that facility - each building has a story to tell. The University of Michigan’s campus is historic and beautiful, and as a Wolverine, it’s our home away from home.