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Student-athletes aren’t running those extra stairs, swimming those extra laps, or lifting those extra pounds to be just another student-athlete. They’re giving it everything they’ve got, every single day, because they’re elite — because they want to compete like a champion. We know how much hard work it takes to elevate their performance to the next level, both physically and mentally — and as a part of their team during their time as a student-athlete, we won’t compromise when it comes to helping them get there. With the best in athletic medicine, sports nutrition, and strength and conditioning supporting them each day, they’ll be able to meet — and even exceed — their performance goals.

An overview of U-M's athletic medicine facilities.

Athletic Medicine

The Athletic Medicine department at Michigan provides first-class, state-of-the-art, and holistic healthcare, performance, and lifetime wellness services for University of Michigan student-athletes. Certified athletic trainers and board-certified sports medicine physicians collaborate on a daily basis with strength and conditioning professionals, athletic counseling professionals, sports dieticians, and coaches to form a comprehensive performance team focused on the health and safety of the student-athlete. Through the use of proven and innovative methods to educate and train elite student-athletes and partnerships with world-leading experts across a variety of disciplines, Athletic Medicine works to improve a student-athlete’s performance on and off of the field or court.

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Performance Science

Performance Science at the University of Michigan has been developed to optimize athletic performance for every student-athlete by utilizing the latest sports science technology and research. Applied athlete performance science strategies have been expertly designed to individually assess strengths, weakness and progress of athletes in our programs, and use ongoing athlete monitoring systems designed to decrease the likelihood of athlete fatigue and injury.  Through partnerships with the U-M School of Kinesiology, School of Engineering, U-M Health Systems, the U-M Data Science Initiative, and the U-M Exercise and Sports Science Institute, student-athletes have access to top professionals, state-of-the-art facilities, and a “Center of Excellence” that is Leaders and Best.

Performance Nutrition

Performance Nutrition Services

The Performance Nutrition program at Michigan provides an evidence-based and sport-specific approach to fueling student-athletes for optimal health and performance. Our program offers a daily performance breakfast, team fueling stations for pre- and post-workout, team meals for at home and on the road, and performance lab screening as well as both team-based and individualized sports nutrition education. Our performance dietitians work closely with coaches, strength & conditioning, and athletic medicine as part of a comprehensive performance team to ensure the health and welfare of all Michigan student-athletes.

Performance Nutrition Goals:

  • Fuel strength, power and endurance for optimal performance
  • Meet sport-specific energy, nutrient and hydration requirements
  • Enhance adaptation and recovery between training sessions and competitions
  • Provide individualized nutrition recommendations
  • Educate about the safe and legal use of supplements
  • Reduce risk of illness and injury
  • Achieve and maintain optimal health
  • Development of healthy eating habits for a lifetime


An overview of U-M’s strength and conditioning facilities.

Strength and Conditioning

The University of Michigan emphasizes the importance of a well-rounded and effective strength and conditioning program in developing elite student-athletes. Our mission is to maximize their athletic performance by utilizing scientifically supported methodologies in order to help them succeed at the highest levels of NCAA Division I competition. Training revolves around the use of ground-based multi-joint movement patterns during the weight training portion of the program and addresses the specific metabolic demands of each sport. All aspects of the performance enhancement programs adhere strictly to industry accepted, scientifically-supported methodologies. With nine full-time coaches, four part-time coaches, and four weight-training facilities located on the athletic campus, the U-M Olympic Sports Strength and Conditioning team is well-equipped to help them reach their performance goals in their sport of choice.

Strength and Conditioning Goals:

  • Maximize strength, power, speed, agility and work capacity
  • Provide individualized sport-specific training programs based on needs analyses
  • Properly prepare each student-athlete to perform to his or her highest potential
  • Prevent injury through coaching proper technique and addressing inherent risks associated with each individual sport

Performance Psychology

The Performance Psychology Center at Michigan provides an evidence based and sport specific approach to mental training. The center focuses on eliminating distractions and maximizing performance. We improve focus, increase confidence, develop pre-performance routines, and manage the stress and rigors of being a student-athlete. Additionally, we use some of the newest technology to optimize your athletic performance. We are committed to helping student-athletes achieve their goals on and off the playing surface.

We Are Michigan

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Show back of card. Rob Healy, men’s lacrosse, class of 2013

Robert Healy

Medical School Candidate

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During medical school interviews I’m most often asked about my time on the University of Michigan men’s lacrosse team. Medical school deans are interested in my leadership, maturity and commitment to excellence. These are all qualities that were developed while playing lacrosse at the University of Michigan, an experience that helped me grow as a person, both personally and intellectually.
Show back of card. Stacey Ervin, men’s gymnastics, class of 2015

Stacey Ervin

Men’s Gymnastics

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Michigan has offered me experiences in both academics and athletics that could not be paralleled at any other university in the world. This university has helped me grow as an individual and leader. I've gained friendships that will last a lifetime and memories that I will never forget.
Show back of card. Jay Cantin, men’s cross country, Class of 1999

Jay Cantin

Former professional runner in Canada; Chiropractor and Clinic Owner, Focus in Sports Performance - Men's Cross Country

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To this day, Michigan remains close to my heart. I continue to feel pride whenever asked about my days in Ann Arbor. As an international student-athlete I received exceptional support and tutelage while a member of the Michigan track & field and cross country teams. Provided with world-class coaching, academics, facilities and surrounded by equally impressive peers, I grew as an individual, on and off the track. The foundation I formed while at Michigan has allowed me to meet challenges with perseverance and integrity. My student-athlete experiences had a profound influence on my Canadian professional athletics career and continue to guide my philosophy as a sports focused chiropractor. I often look back upon my time at Michigan with great appreciation and a sense of gratitude to be a part of the Michigan family.
Show back of card. Amber Smith, Women's Track & Field

Amber Smith

Women’s Track and Field

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Being a University of Michigan student-athlete means being a part of a family. It means that you will be supported and challenged, provided for and expected from, and nurtured and believed in. You are given all the necessary resources to succeed in your academics, in your athletics, and most importantly, in life; but that does not mean it comes easy. As a Michigan student-athlete, I have been pushed to my limits in my engineering courses. My strength and courage have been tested through my workouts on the track; and I have experienced enough life lessons for a lifetime. What all those struggles have in common is that I overcame them. I, like 900+ other student-athletes, accepted the challenges that come with being the best, to be Victors. When we pump our fists and shout, “Hail! to the victors valiant”, we feel a sense of joy and pride knowing that we truly are the leaders and best. Come. Accept the challenge. Go Blue!