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Michigan Men’s Soccer

The athletic tradition at the University of Michigan is unlike any other in the country. As the other ‘futbol’ our focus is to create, as well as build upon our existing legacy as a team and create a foundation for success in the years to come. A soccer-centric program in every way, we are particular in our approach, with an emphasis on Blue Collar quality. Our student-athletes feel a responsibility to build something special during their time in Ann Arbor, and represent, as well as protect, the ‘Block M’ to the best of their abilities. We are on the verge of creating a futbol culture that will stand the test of time. Join us as our pursuit for a dynasty begins.




Team Vision

Our PROGRAM thrives on the pressure of simply being a MICHIGAN Wolverine! We must set a STANDARD of performance that is EFFECTIVE and ATTRACTIVE to watch, makes our alumni PROUD, and puts our LOYAL community in the stands. We must assist our players in their athletic, academic and personal GROWTH, so they are given a MEANINGFUL and MEMORABLE college experience!

Our TEAM must embrace COMPETITION and EARN the right to represent The University of MICHIGAN on a daily basis. Our TEAM must have the highest order of team SPIRIT and PASSION, for not only competing/winning, but for the opportunity to wear and bleed the MAIZE & BLUE! Our teams must exude CONFIDENCE merely as a result of their WILLINGNESS to give everything for the team and having a BLUE COLLAR mentality!

SELF-less players build championship culture. We will ALWAYS act with HUMILITY, and we will always be “Entitled to nothing, and Grateful for Everything,” because every year in college soccer, you have new CHALLENGES. You will always have a new team with a different dynamic, but you will always have unique OPPORTUNITIES to create special memories. Our players WILL live in a CONDITIONAL environment where expectations exist to DEMAND and CARE for each other, both on and off the field!