The Facilities

When we set foot in the University of Michigan’s Canham Natatorium, we know immediately that we’re in a facility that’s fit for the Leaders and Best. With a long, storied history of aquatic success, the Nat is a truly inspiring place to compete. Walk past the countless championship banners that ring the pool, echoing the astounding achievements of the Michigan swimming, diving and water polo programs. Watch as the Olympic countdown clock sets a very real goal for the student-athletes who call the building home. Imagine all of that tradition and energy surrounding you each time you enter the pool for a game. Pretty surreal, right? With team facilities and areas where we can relax and catch up on studying, the Nat also provides a dynamic place to train and grow as a team, even when we’re not competing. It’s the best of the best – so see why the Nat is where champions are made.

Important Spots on Campus

Get the lay of the land. Explore the Ross Athletic Campus, where we train in a community of other student-athletes. Zoom in on our competition venue, where we play with our team in front of the best fans in college sports. When you click on a location, you can read more about that facility - each building has a story to tell. The University of Michigan’s campus is historic and beautiful, and as a Wolverine, it’s our home away from home.