• Chiara Lommer
    Chiara Lommer
  • Annie Wierda
    Annie Wierda
  • Mira Ruder-Hook
    Mira Ruder-Hook
  • Alex Najarian
    Alex Najarian
  • Kate Fahey
    Kate Fahey
  • Kara Hall
    Kara Hall
  • Brienne Minor
    Brienne Minor
  • Valeria Patiuk
    Valeria Patiuk

Michigan Women’s Tennis

Every team talks about commitment and dedication, but few have five straight Big Ten Championships to show for it. As members of the University of Michigan women’s tennis team, we leave it all on the court when we compete for our Maize and Blue, and we have fun doing it. Along the way, we support and cheer each other. We make an impact on our community. We play like champions and bond together like a family – learn what it’s like to be a part of our Michigan team.

“Being on the Michigan tennis team has been such an unbelievable blessing in my life. I feel so honored to be a part of this community, and I will forever be grateful. This team is my family.” Kristy Dodge